The Fawkes

Fawkes Fabrication is a division of Fawkes Manufacturing & Development, LLC. (FMD).  We are an owner-operated business that started in 2009 to bring to market innovative solutions in several areas for outdoor enthusiasts and defense applications.  Many of our product ideas have come as end-user requests for specific items, and we work closely with those end-users in both the design process as well as pre-market product testing.

Our off road fab products are and outgrowth of the DIY ethic prevalent in the Jeep community.  We had a desire for something different, so we made it.  Others liked what we had done, pushing the envelope between hard-core off road capability and practicality.  We have since redesigned the basic product to be modular, and expect to make the MiniMax and related components adaptable for more Jeep models.